Book Review ‘Cost of Repairs’ A.M. Arthur

Cost of Repairs

This is my forth romantic gay novel and the second from A.M. Arthur. This is without doubt my favourite so far. I absolutely loved this, to the point where I couldn’t wait to leave work so I could continue reading it on the train, in the garden and at bedtime. The thought of not reading about the two lead characters Sam and Reign is heart breaking. It’s difficult to imagine not meeting them again. I have tried to figure out why I love this particular story so much. The story is in three parts. Part one about Sam, part two about Reign and part three is Sam & Reign. I liked Sam more, even though I increasing connected to Reign, as the story progressed (and certainly after you see things from his perspective in part two).

You have two opposites here, Sam is a police officer, stable, sensible and loving, whereas, Reign is a bit of a ‘Jack the lad’ as we say in England. If this was ‘Lady& the Tramp’ Reign would be the Tramp. The sort that is rough around the edges and would sleep with people never really believing anything more could happen. What I liked was how they fell in love, without out the author having to mention the word. (I’m at the Epilogue as I write this, so they may say the four letter word before the story finishes).

They both start to wonder why they are feeling the way they do, but the author never makes them fully realise they are falling in love, and neither of them expects it. Sam won’t admit how he’s feeling, even though he is the more open and caring type. Reign is simply confused as to why he’s feeling such conflicting emotions for Sam, but like Sam he is scared of allowing himself to feel those emotions. So, what we have is an old style romance, where Sam thinks he likes Reign more than Reign likes him and visa-versa. They simply don’t blatantly say how they feel about each other because they are frightened, and I loved this element to the story. The vulnerabilities of both characters are endearing and they draw you in at a personal level as the sincerity of narrative continues.

A.M. Arthur places 4-5 sex scenes in the story, which I’m not a fan of personally, I can do without the level of description given (which I still find odd considering I’m a fairly young fit guy).

Oh and yes! I filled up with tears about three times in public reading this and I didn’t care. I loved this book; it’s as simple as that!


I fear…

A few days ago I was alone in a room. It was warm and quiet. I kept looking out the window because the sun was amazing and I wrote this. Please let me know what you think, I genuinely love hearing from you.

I fear…

I fear that taking my eyes from him, if I so much as lift my gaze from he who is so perfect, I will lose him forever.

I feel an uncontrollable desire, a want, a need, a will, to protect him, even at the risk to my own existence. This person I am unable to escape from, nor would I wish too. It’s unquantifiable and unimaginable; everything I am I will invest… in him, give to him.

Without… I would be empty. How did I ever exist before this? How did I survive in so much cold surrounded by shadow believing I was living in light?

This is dangerous for me, but the power is intoxicating, cruel and beautiful, sexy and spiritual. I both want this and hate this with so much passion I forget who I am and my days are hidden.

I am truly lost in this person and I fear this.

I walk in a wilderness, surrounded by him and him alone. He has become my food, my water, my light, my blood, my gravity.

I am no longer me.

What I have become, is now more than me.

What I have become… is love.

Christian & Olli


I can’t do a blog about romance without referring to the German soap Verbotene Liebe ‘Forbidden Love’ and the story of Christian and Oliver. This storyline about two men falling in love has simply been huge. It was November 2014 when I started to watch the episodes on YouTube because some amazing fans have edited the episodes so that you can just watch and understand Christian and Oliver’s storyline.

The fans have also put together footage of Christian and Oliver to great love songs. These music compilations have me in tears most of the time. The first one I ever watched was a compilation set to Sara Bareilles ‘Gravity’.

I had never watched a single episode at that point and didn’t even know who Christian and Olli were and here I was getting emotional. It’s all about the looks they give to each other… It is so powerful.

I’m not a soap fan but I can see why so many love Christian and Olli. You invest in both of them, you feel their pain and love and you get hooked on them fairly quickly. You both want and need to see them. The amount of times I’ve stayed up bleary eyed till 2am shouting at the screen ‘Just kiss him’, well I’ve lost count.

Every time Christian was horrid to Olli (because he was denying his love for another man) I felt Ollie’s Pain. When they kiss for the first time after a great build up I was in tears.  It was handled so well especially for a soap. These two actors can really act together and boy do they know how to kiss.

It’s the pure passion, desire, and overriding love they have that makes me tingle when I watch. I feel like a teenager when I see them together. I think to myself ‘why can’t it be more like this? Is this total fiction? Can two men feel and be like this? It fills me with hope that this kind of love does exist.

I simply love Christian and Ollie and it has dominated my life for the last 3 months and I’m still not finished watching it all yet. At this rate I will be an emotional wreck by the summer.

Book review ‘A Nanny for Nate’ By Lisa Worrall

Nanny for Nate

This book is definitely my favourite so far. Not necessarily for the story. I’m finding it quite difficult to uncover unique stories, but this one is pretty solid and looks at the life of Parker and his son Nate. It’s been a year since the death of Parker’s husband (I still can’t get used to saying the word husband in relation to a man) and Parker needs to look for a new nanny for Nate. Parker is a high flier with a difficult job. This is how the love interest appears. Jake enters the story as he applies for the job of nanny.

Why did I like this so much? Lisa has a great way of writing and I’ll try to explain it to you. As she describes an action or behaviour it’s so realistic and clear you can visualise it without any effort. You realise you have seen these little actions and behaviours yourself a million times. It’s almost like you are watching the events instead of reading them. It’s the little touches as two people talk to each other or the way a character shuts the front door, toes off their shoes and hangs their suit jacket on a banister. It really brings the world you’re reading to life. As with my own writing I try to incorporate the little things that are familiar to us in everyday life.

I was swiftly approaching the end of the book and decided after work that I would walk down to a bar I know and finish the book off in style. I ordered a glass of red wine by mistake (don’t ask) and grabbed a sofa. I didn’t expect what happened next.

I’m genuinely smiling as I write this because I don’t really drink and the red wine went to my head relatively quickly. As I read on snuggled on the sofa avoiding any eye contact (which is difficult to do wearing a suit in a gay bar because they all like a guy in a suit), I got to an emotional part of the book (the reconciliation) and my eyes started to fill up (don’t laugh please lol).  It was an effort to hold back the tears and thankfully no one saw me losing control. However, a more emotional scene lay ahead. I won’t spoil it for you, but it involves Parker at the grave of his late husband. How this scene played out was too much. It was beautifully done and I can still hear one particular line that Parker says in my head to this very day. I was in a right mess.

I have to laugh about it now. At the time I wasn’t bothered much about whether someone noticed me crying over a book or not. I think that was the one glass of red wine. I texted my friend Tony as a reason to get away from reading and to compose myself, but as I typed out my message to him I ended up telling him why I was crying and that made me start crying again… I couldn’t win! I travelled home that night happy that I had given quality time to the end of the book.

Yes, I really liked this book and will be reading others by Lisa Worrall very soon. But I won’t be reading them with a glass of red wine… or maybe I should?

Review of ‘New York Christmas’ by RJ Scott

New York

I’ve just finished reading my second gay book New York Christmas by R J Scott. I bought it because, well… I don’t enjoy Christmas much (Don’t ask, it’s another blog entirely lol). I thought I could have a little romance and try and make myself feel Christmassy at the same time. It’s a sweet story and an easy read which was exactly what I needed. It has very archetype characters and a small cast which I usually prefer in a book. There were some lovely touches such as their first date at the Christmas tree lighting in Brasserie Ruhlmann. Being English and not very knowledgeable about New York I searched online and looked at videos to get a feel for this famous Christmas tree lighting event and it really worked, the chapter came to life now I had a point of reference. I’m about to start Lisa Worrall’s A Nanny for Nate and I’ll let you know how it goes.

Are there any books you would recommend I read? Let me know I’d love to hear about ones that really focus on romance and love.

Thoughts on my own Gay Romance story

I’m starting to get a few ideas together as I plan the beginnings of my story/novel… (lol) whatever it’s going to be. I’m already noticing that a lot of gay romances seem to have men who are 6’5″ tall dark handsome and muscled (if only).  I want to be a little more realistic because you really don’t get many of them in England and if you do they certainly are not into romancing you.

I’m also steering away from the ‘he’s straight and he’s in denial about being in love with the gay guy’ storyline. Yes it has the conflict, but it seems to have been done a lot, and as I’m still following Christian’s and Ollie’s love story on Forbidden Lives I think it best that I avoid this particular aspect.

If you don’t know Christian and Olli then WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN! I’ve been crying all over Christmas watching the episodes on YOUTUBE and listening to the music compilations.

My lead characters will definitely be 100% gay.  I have an idea for the conflict, but I’ll keep it a secret just for now.