Review of ‘New York Christmas’ by RJ Scott

New York

I’ve just finished reading my second gay book New York Christmas by R J Scott. I bought it because, well… I don’t enjoy Christmas much (Don’t ask, it’s another blog entirely lol). I thought I could have a little romance and try and make myself feel Christmassy at the same time. It’s a sweet story and an easy read which was exactly what I needed. It has very archetype characters and a small cast which I usually prefer in a book. There were some lovely touches such as their first date at the Christmas tree lighting in Brasserie Ruhlmann. Being English and not very knowledgeable about New York I searched online and looked at videos to get a feel for this famous Christmas tree lighting event and it really worked, the chapter came to life now I had a point of reference. I’m about to start Lisa Worrall’s A Nanny for Nate and I’ll let you know how it goes.

Are there any books you would recommend I read? Let me know I’d love to hear about ones that really focus on romance and love.


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