Book review ‘A Nanny for Nate’ By Lisa Worrall

Nanny for Nate

This book is definitely my favourite so far. Not necessarily for the story. I’m finding it quite difficult to uncover unique stories, but this one is pretty solid and looks at the life of Parker and his son Nate. It’s been a year since the death of Parker’s husband (I still can’t get used to saying the word husband in relation to a man) and Parker needs to look for a new nanny for Nate. Parker is a high flier with a difficult job. This is how the love interest appears. Jake enters the story as he applies for the job of nanny.

Why did I like this so much? Lisa has a great way of writing and I’ll try to explain it to you. As she describes an action or behaviour it’s so realistic and clear you can visualise it without any effort. You realise you have seen these little actions and behaviours yourself a million times. It’s almost like you are watching the events instead of reading them. It’s the little touches as two people talk to each other or the way a character shuts the front door, toes off their shoes and hangs their suit jacket on a banister. It really brings the world you’re reading to life. As with my own writing I try to incorporate the little things that are familiar to us in everyday life.

I was swiftly approaching the end of the book and decided after work that I would walk down to a bar I know and finish the book off in style. I ordered a glass of red wine by mistake (don’t ask) and grabbed a sofa. I didn’t expect what happened next.

I’m genuinely smiling as I write this because I don’t really drink and the red wine went to my head relatively quickly. As I read on snuggled on the sofa avoiding any eye contact (which is difficult to do wearing a suit in a gay bar because they all like a guy in a suit), I got to an emotional part of the book (the reconciliation) and my eyes started to fill up (don’t laugh please lol).  It was an effort to hold back the tears and thankfully no one saw me losing control. However, a more emotional scene lay ahead. I won’t spoil it for you, but it involves Parker at the grave of his late husband. How this scene played out was too much. It was beautifully done and I can still hear one particular line that Parker says in my head to this very day. I was in a right mess.

I have to laugh about it now. At the time I wasn’t bothered much about whether someone noticed me crying over a book or not. I think that was the one glass of red wine. I texted my friend Tony as a reason to get away from reading and to compose myself, but as I typed out my message to him I ended up telling him why I was crying and that made me start crying again… I couldn’t win! I travelled home that night happy that I had given quality time to the end of the book.

Yes, I really liked this book and will be reading others by Lisa Worrall very soon. But I won’t be reading them with a glass of red wine… or maybe I should?


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