Book Review ‘Cost of Repairs’ A.M. Arthur

Cost of Repairs

This is my forth romantic gay novel and the second from A.M. Arthur. This is without doubt my favourite so far. I absolutely loved this, to the point where I couldn’t wait to leave work so I could continue reading it on the train, in the garden and at bedtime. The thought of not reading about the two lead characters Sam and Reign is heart breaking. It’s difficult to imagine not meeting them again. I have tried to figure out why I love this particular story so much. The story is in three parts. Part one about Sam, part two about Reign and part three is Sam & Reign. I liked Sam more, even though I increasing connected to Reign, as the story progressed (and certainly after you see things from his perspective in part two).

You have two opposites here, Sam is a police officer, stable, sensible and loving, whereas, Reign is a bit of a ‘Jack the lad’ as we say in England. If this was ‘Lady& the Tramp’ Reign would be the Tramp. The sort that is rough around the edges and would sleep with people never really believing anything more could happen. What I liked was how they fell in love, without out the author having to mention the word. (I’m at the Epilogue as I write this, so they may say the four letter word before the story finishes).

They both start to wonder why they are feeling the way they do, but the author never makes them fully realise they are falling in love, and neither of them expects it. Sam won’t admit how he’s feeling, even though he is the more open and caring type. Reign is simply confused as to why he’s feeling such conflicting emotions for Sam, but like Sam he is scared of allowing himself to feel those emotions. So, what we have is an old style romance, where Sam thinks he likes Reign more than Reign likes him and visa-versa. They simply don’t blatantly say how they feel about each other because they are frightened, and I loved this element to the story. The vulnerabilities of both characters are endearing and they draw you in at a personal level as the sincerity of narrative continues.

A.M. Arthur places 4-5 sex scenes in the story, which I’m not a fan of personally, I can do without the level of description given (which I still find odd considering I’m a fairly young fit guy).

Oh and yes! I filled up with tears about three times in public reading this and I didn’t care. I loved this book; it’s as simple as that!


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