Christian & Olli


I can’t do a blog about romance without referring to the German soap Verbotene Liebe ‘Forbidden Love’ and the story of Christian and Oliver. This storyline about two men falling in love has simply been huge. It was November 2014 when I started to watch the episodes on YouTube because some amazing fans have edited the episodes so that you can just watch and understand Christian and Oliver’s storyline.

The fans have also put together footage of Christian and Oliver to great love songs. These music compilations have me in tears most of the time. The first one I ever watched was a compilation set to Sara Bareilles ‘Gravity’.

I had never watched a single episode at that point and didn’t even know who Christian and Olli were and here I was getting emotional. It’s all about the looks they give to each other… It is so powerful.

I’m not a soap fan but I can see why so many love Christian and Olli. You invest in both of them, you feel their pain and love and you get hooked on them fairly quickly. You both want and need to see them. The amount of times I’ve stayed up bleary eyed till 2am shouting at the screen ‘Just kiss him’, well I’ve lost count.

Every time Christian was horrid to Olli (because he was denying his love for another man) I felt Ollie’s Pain. When they kiss for the first time after a great build up I was in tears.  It was handled so well especially for a soap. These two actors can really act together and boy do they know how to kiss.

It’s the pure passion, desire, and overriding love they have that makes me tingle when I watch. I feel like a teenager when I see them together. I think to myself ‘why can’t it be more like this? Is this total fiction? Can two men feel and be like this? It fills me with hope that this kind of love does exist.

I simply love Christian and Ollie and it has dominated my life for the last 3 months and I’m still not finished watching it all yet. At this rate I will be an emotional wreck by the summer.


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