I fear…

A few days ago I was alone in a room. It was warm and quiet. I kept looking out the window because the sun was amazing and I wrote this. Please let me know what you think, I genuinely love hearing from you.

I fear…

I fear that taking my eyes from him, if I so much as lift my gaze from he who is so perfect, I will lose him forever.

I feel an uncontrollable desire, a want, a need, a will, to protect him, even at the risk to my own existence. This person I am unable to escape from, nor would I wish too. It’s unquantifiable and unimaginable; everything I am I will invest… in him, give to him.

Without… I would be empty. How did I ever exist before this? How did I survive in so much cold surrounded by shadow believing I was living in light?

This is dangerous for me, but the power is intoxicating, cruel and beautiful, sexy and spiritual. I both want this and hate this with so much passion I forget who I am and my days are hidden.

I am truly lost in this person and I fear this.

I walk in a wilderness, surrounded by him and him alone. He has become my food, my water, my light, my blood, my gravity.

I am no longer me.

What I have become, is now more than me.

What I have become… is love.


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