Book Review ‘Un-Expected’ by Lisa Worrall

un-expected lisa worrall

My fifth gay romance, I think I’m doing well here, yeah me!

First thing you need to know is that this is a British gay romance. It’s all set in a quaint little English village. For me it was a nice change as I’m British (as if you didn’t know!). For once I understood all the ‘in jokes’ and cultural references, sometimes I don’t understand references in books, so I either look them up or gloss over them. The men in this book are different, perhaps more ‘average’ and ‘familiar’ the type you would meet in real life. The main protagonist is Micah a midwife, a little camp and dramatic and this is the big difference I felt when reading. All the previous books I’ve read are full of very masculine stereotypes, the types we all perhaps wish were around (lol) but you don’t get that here in ‘Un-Expected’.

Micah is a familiar character to me and I can easily see him and his mannerisms as I read, this is what the author does well. His love interest, Harry, remained underdeveloped for me throughout the entire book and I wasn’t invested in him the way I was with Micah. It’s a sweet story and it definitely gave me the ‘there is hope for me’ vibe so I consider that a big plus. The climax to the story was disappointing as it came and went in the blink of an eye. I would love a story that doesn’t have to steer towards a big negative event but I understand that is vital for a story to work. In Un-Expected it felt forced like it had to be done but ‘can we deal with it quickly and end the book’.

It’s a simple plot and you know what’s going to happen, and that’s fine as long as it’s done well. For me there was too much description and I found myself thinking ‘Okay I get the picture now move on’ There were parts that simply don’t move the narrative forward.

Overall it was nice but it’s not my favourite from Lisa Worrall and most importantly I didn’t cry which if you have read my other reviews, you will know is a good indicator of a good story for me, and I did cry at Lisa’s ‘A Nanny for Nate’.

Maybe the British gay romantic males are simply more realistic, but then I’ve never been to America so what would I know.  I think from a personal standpoint, I prefer to escape to a romance where the guys are masculine and tough. I just hope I’m mentally strong enough to realise I’ll never have a guy like that, but then there is hope.


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