Thoughts on my own Gay Romance story

I’m starting to get a few ideas together as I plan the beginnings of my story/novel… (lol) whatever it’s going to be. I’m already noticing that a lot of gay romances seem to have men who are 6’5″ tall dark handsome and muscled (if only).  I want to be a little more realistic because you really don’t get many of them in England and if you do they certainly are not into romancing you.

I’m also steering away from the ‘he’s straight and he’s in denial about being in love with the gay guy’ storyline. Yes it has the conflict, but it seems to have been done a lot, and as I’m still following Christian’s and Ollie’s love story on Forbidden Lives I think it best that I avoid this particular aspect.

If you don’t know Christian and Olli then WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN! I’ve been crying all over Christmas watching the episodes on YOUTUBE and listening to the music compilations.

My lead characters will definitely be 100% gay.  I have an idea for the conflict, but I’ll keep it a secret just for now.


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