Hold off the sex & get romantic

Part of romance for me is holding back the sex. I want weeks before I even kiss a guy (lol seriously). I want to feel excited at the prospect for as long as possible. Most guys place kissing and sex into the first date.  Am I being a little too cynical now? I would hold off sex for months in an ideal world. I want ‘old fashioned’, I want to be intoxicated in their presence, their voice and personality. I want to enjoy that adventure, that journey, to know them intimately before being intimate.

Is that such a strange view to have now? I’m still young and fit and I can even turn heads on a good day (if people have drunk enough). I can wear tight tops and fitted shirts and jeans that show my ass off!

In truth, to look at me you may not automatically think romance and maybe that’s the reason why I’m alone. Perhaps I give off the wrong impression. Attraction is initially visual, that maybe wrong and I agree that it shouldn’t be the case, but in reality it is.


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