Interesting thought…

I was walking with a friend the other night and we were talking about his recent breakup. He told me it was never passionate and there was little romance. I asked him why they had gotten together in the first place.  He replied because we simply got on.

Is this what happens? Maybe we get it completely wrong and think ‘as we get along we should be partners’. It makes sense to me.  Perhaps we need to recognise a good friend as just that, a good friend and not someone you have to be romantic with and label as a ‘boyfriend’. It reminds me of the line ‘men can’t just be friends with women’. Are we becoming so fragile we think we can’t live a life without a boyfriend. Can we be just happy with good friends? I think you can.

Is this what’s wrong? Are we seeing friendship and companionship and trying to palm it off as romance?


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