Book Review ‘By the Light of the Moon’ (Assassin/Shifter Book 3) by Sandrine Gasq-Dion

By the Light of the Moon

If you are beginning to think I like everything I read… think again!

I didn’t think it was going to happen but alas, it has.

Remember this is my personal opinion and I still love this series (Just not this this book).

So many times while reading this, I stopped to ask whether this book was taking a swipe at Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight saga and her huge success. Is this author just getting on the Twilight band wagon? Throughout the book even the characters mention Twilight jokingly. But the similarities are too large to ignore, even down to “there is only one way to save your lover” bet you can’t guess what that is? Even putting that aside it just got silly even for a supernatural story.

Did someone else write this? That’s how it felt to me. After loving the first two books and the limited cast that you really get to know, we now go completely the opposite way with a cast lineup that makes the X-men look small.  Far to many characters are thrown at you and the whole thing felt messy and disorganised.

This book needs some serious editing.  Words missing from sentences and pages that appeared to lack continuity.  A few times I had to flick back to the previous page as ‘action’ didn’t match up. It felt as if a page was missing. This was very frustrating and again the whole thing felt clumsy and hence the need for strict editing and rewrites.

Who hits a wild wolf with their truck puts it in the passenger seat, takes it to a motel and lays it on the bed, sleeps next to it and plays with it for a few days? A wild Wolf!

I can’t help think this was some sort of joke.

After so much reality in books 1 and 2, I would have thought the introduction of werewolves would have been done gently, introducing them into a somewhat realistic universe  but no, the whole book was ‘full in the face’ werewolf action, culture, believe, heritage. It was such a gigantic removal from the previous books and didn’t feel a third edition to the series at all. It was for me, too much of a step away from the original source material.

The sex was more aggressive and more primal and I didn’t mind that as it felt right.

Dakota is surprisingly the most developed character here. After my previous reviews about the ‘big butch alpha males’ always being the stronger characters in these books, Dakota (a beta male or the less masculine of the two) is a well developed character. We see much of the book from his perspective. I had an image of the actor Ben Barnes when I thought of how Dakota looks and this worked for me.

Sam is the love interest in this story and one of the ‘Skull Blaster’ assassins. In all honesty he was a bit flat.

Sawyer however, is a new young guy on the reservation who has never been in love. His character stood out ‘big time’ for me. He was quirky and cheeky and I loved him straight away. I hope we see more of him.

In conclusion, all that was missing was vampires. Put Edward’s family with Jacob’s family together from ‘Twilight’ and you have this book. I just can’t understand why the author when down this route of producing a carbon copy. If you know please let me know.



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