Book Review ‘Half Moon Rising’ (Assassin/Shifter 4) by Sandrine Gasq-Dion.

Half moon rising

I got my wish with Sawyer Quinton. He stood out significantly in book 3 and I’m glad to see him here with his love interest, Troy Bishop.  Sawyer’s character at the beginning of this book was still original, a little cheeky and cocky. He certainly gives Troy a hard time and even the ‘cold shoulder’ something we haven’t seen so far in this series. Sawyer, almost acts like he doesn’t like Troy and at times he’s quite dismissive of him.  He snaps back at Troy with confidence.  If you didn’t know what Sawyer was thinking, you’d think he disliked him.

“Your mouth opens before your brain processes, doesn’t it?”

 Sawyer to Troy sarcastically

I loved how this played out. Troy is captivated by this 24 year old and they literally dance around each other for a while. Unlike other couples Sawyer doesn’t fall into Troy’s arms, he’s frightened and runs away leaving Troy feeling unwanted, but Sawyer is crazy about him.

It’s unfortunate that this type of chemistry didn’t last.  Sawyer, eventually loses his cheeky, cocky originality and turns into a regular, 2 dimensional beta male, once he gets with Troy.  For me this was a big shame.

Troy Bishop, in my head is the actor Dwayne Johnson, and so, it was easy to picture him clearly throughout the story.

Once again, you get swept up in the romance, and yes, the sex was a little too much as always. I would have liked more romantic talk and action instead of the hard physical sexual exploits.  I was more comfortable, with the werewolf parts of the story this time round and it was written better than book 3 with less errors. It was a more ‘clean’ read and it flowed quite easily.

I like the sense of family, belonging and acceptance in these books.

I just wish that finding your true mate in the real world was as easy as they portray it here. You have no choice, it’s a biochemical, innate link to someone, and you are mated with them for life.

A pattern seems to be emerging in this series now.  There have been two books focusing on assassins and two further books on werewolves.  So, the world is now set up. It will be interesting to see where this goes from this point.


3 thoughts on “Book Review ‘Half Moon Rising’ (Assassin/Shifter 4) by Sandrine Gasq-Dion.

    1. Yes Libby, you have it right by saying ‘sassy relationship’. It’s as if the writer forgets the personality of the characters once they are together. Is it lazy writing?

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