Book Review ‘Best Laid Plans’ (Assassin/Shifter 5) by Sandrine Gasq-Dion

Best Laid Plans 5

Unless the author has an overall story arc, then I do worry about how she will keep this series original. I guess at the time of writing, you don’t know if anything’s going to be successful, or if you’re personally invested enough to continue writing for the world you have created. I know from my own work, that either, you love an idea and want to continue with it, or you want to finish up and move onto a fresh project. I think the former, is the case for Sandrine Gasq-Dion.

Here in book 5 (yes I can’t believe I am reading them so quickly), we have two brothers Grayson and Xander Quinton, who are part of the Queets wolf pack.  They are here with their potential love interests or ‘mates’ who are two brothers, Jagger and Taylor Drake, who are part of the Denali wolf pack. Yes… two sets of brothers.

I couldn’t help wondering whether this was done for purely erotic reasons. I’m guessing it may be fun to actually write about two sets of brothers getting it on together and I suppose after four books, you need to explore new areas of possible interest. Two sets of brothers is the result.

For me, the characters felt watered down. In fact, I never felt that I got to know Jagger or Taylor very well. All I recall about them is they both have dirty blonde hair.  Grayson and Xander are in truth, extremely similar and subsequently, it became difficult to distinguish between the two siblings.  I had to concentrate to understand who was with whom. There was little to separate the two couples.

I felt quite detached from this book, as the life of millionaires and werewolf culture is taking it a little too far for me, even though I love fantasy. I jump on the train, the bus and on special occasions a taxi, but these guys have their own jets! Grayson and Xander are also very young 18 and 20 and although legal, I found it a little uncomfortable. In addition, their tantrums and running away in order to add the tension to the story, just left me rolling my eyes.

I was thinking as I read, that some kind of resistance to the innate attraction the werewolves have for a mate would introduce more conflict and sexual tension. As it stands, they fall in love far too easily for my taste, seemingly erasing all past experiences and beliefs after one encounter.

Finding your mate in Wolf culture is an extremely powerful element in these books, but I’m sure, the mind would put up more of a fight and this would ultimately make for a more intense romantic story.

I would be interested to get your comments on this one.




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