Book Review ‘Color of Grace’ by A.M.Arthur

Color of Grace

I read the first book in this series Cost of Repairs, and absolutely loved it and you can read my review on here.  Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy this second book from A.M. Arthur.

I remember really struggling to get through it. It was like walking through treacle at times. I wasn’t invested in the two lead characters Barrett McCall and Schuyler Rhodes, and they seemed pale imitations to Sam and Rey from book 1.

It has ended up being the longest book I’ve read on Kindle, simply because I had little desire to pick it up and continue. It’s a shame when this happens. Putting the characters aside, I couldn’t see any structure to the story.  It felt to me, very unplanned and chaotic. So many times throughout, I wanted the pace to pick up, but this didn’t happen. By the time you learn about Barrett’s history it’s just too late, you don’t care. The story picks up in act 3 but again it’s just too late, you want it to be over.

The 3rd act was the best part of the book as we get a sense of a story emerging and where it’s going, but it took a lot of unnecessary padding to get there.

Because of how much I loved book 1, I will read other books by A.M. Arthur, but Color of Grace just wasn’t for me.



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