Book Review ‘For the Love of Caden’ (Assassin/Shifter Book 6) by Sandrine Gasq-Dion

For the love of Cayden

This will be a different review for the simple reason that I read it a couple of months ago. I thought I had hand written a review, but It appears I hadn’t, and with me being absent for a month or so… I have forgotten the majority of it.

But this may not be such a bad thing. I’m going to use what I remember and it won’t be a knee jerk reaction to a book I just finished.

It’s Caden’s world that we see in this book (I clearly remember him being described as a Colin Farrell lookalike). We’ve met Caden before.  He’s rich with his own businesses. I remember that the book begins with Kellan who is an emergency medical technician, which is one of the reasons I found him adorable.  There is nothing supernatural in his daily life, yes he is a wolf, but it’s more about his everyday life and his friends.  I liked this a lot. It felt like a hospital drama.

I remember how Caden and Kellan first meet, but I won’t spoil it for you, but it’s obvious and very sweet and the hassle Caden gives Kellan makes you love Kellan even more.

I love the fact we go to France in the book, but would have liked more description to really submerge the reader in the culture. It’s like a film, if you are going to use a location, then use it! Get visual.

We have an antagonist from the previous books called Carson, who really stirs things up. I remember Caden’s secret, and I definitely remember getting emotional over it. I think it was when he was in France that I got upset, but can’t remember.

This was a more mature read compared to Best Laid Plans (Book 5) because the characters are mature and I liked this aspect, I could relate to it more. It also felt a little different. I think Sandrine, handles the older characters much better.

I know I liked this story, it’s so much better than the previous.


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