Book Review ‘Accidentally Mated’ (Fraser Lake Pack Book 1) by Lynn Tyler

Accidently Mated

Jake watched him go with a smile. Life would never be dull.

As always I don’t want to spoil your enjoyment of the story, so I’ll keep my review to a personal opinion.

This is my first book by author Lynn Tyler. It’s the story of Tristan Massey who becomes the alpha of a werewolf pack a little sooner than he anticipated. At his side is his best buddy, Chris. The love interest is Jake Trenton.

The book didn’t grab me. The initial pages were uninspiring and the way it was written, left me struggling to visualise what was actually going on. I did at one point think of giving up,  however, I managed to happily finish it.

The third act was the strongest and it began to develop an identity of it’s own. I didn’t find a structure to the story and it generally felt unconvincing.  The setup of this book was the weakest point for me, together with how things were explained, such as the descriptions of events and how action was portrayed. Tristan, I thought, was the main protagonist, and it certainly starts off this way. In reality, by the end you feel it’s Jake. This in itself throws the reader. It’s okay to have two main characters but this didn’t feel like the two had been planned. That’s the problem I had with this book, it simply felt unplanned.

Tristan started out a lad and remained a lad. His character didn’t change much by the end and he read more like a spoilt teenager than a masculine sexy alpha with incredible power. Chris was the most stable and began the narrative with a certain viewpoint that held Tristan together. I think that Chris, was a missed opportunity here, and his actual presence in this story could have easily been removed and the narrative wouldn’t have suffered.  I suspect, he was here in order to use him for a possible sequel.

There is no antagonist, and that can be okay. I sometimes like a story that just focuses on the romance of the two characters. As this whole story felt a bit flat for me, I would have considered bringing in more tension, perhaps having the ‘Council’ that you meet, as a real threat. Again this was a missed opportunity.

Jake was by far the strongest and most developed character, even if I still don’t understand the ‘submissive’ thing. By the end of the novel, he’s the character who’s made the longest journey and completely changed. I liked Jake, therefore, I was invested in him, I wasn’t invested in Tristan, Chris or any of the other underused characters. Jake maybe the reason I finished the book.

So why did I finish it and not give up? I’m not sure, but the relationship that developed held me enough to continue and the writing got better as it went on. It was as if the author eventually started to get an idea of where the book was going and the focus switched to Jake. In the latter parts of the book Tristan courts Jake which meant no sex. I loved this part the most. The sexual tension was there, but so was the romance and it felt great to see how two characters could interact passionately and emotionally without the need to have sex. More of this please.

A great line stood out for me.

The way the man moved should have been illegal. Liquid sex was the only comparison that came to mind.

To conclude; lots of opportunities missed here. Although not a firm favourite with me, I will absolutely try other Lynn Tyler books, as I don’t like to judge on one. If there is a particular series or book of this author you think I should read, then please, let me know.

Spencer X


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