Book Review ‘The General’s Lover’ (Assassin/Shifter Book 7) by Sandrine Gasq-Dion

The General's Lover

I’ll try not to provided any spoilers here. but we have waited six books for this story (lol). We have been given hints about this love story throughout the series and it raised a lot of questions. How did they meet? Why will General Derek Jacobs not admit and face up to his feelings for James Pruitt? In this story, it all gets answered.

Loved the beginning scene when the two meet. The author is very good at these scenes and I have enjoyed all the initial meetings in the series. Here, James is drinking in a bar with his friend, but gets a little drunk in front of a new guy (Derek Jacobs) who happens to be his ideal man (haven’t we all done that). They almost kiss… I’m screaming “Just kiss him!”

Once again, I prefer characters older and I believe Derek Jacobs is the oldest character so far at 43 and he’s a total alpha male. He’s the type who puts his career first and stops everyone as he walks into a room.

The scenes in Afghanistan lift the story and I forgot I was reading a man on man book. I never read action when I was younger, it was always fantasy and sci-fi, so I seem to be getting my taste of it now, if only in short bursts.

Derek asks James to go with him on a small vacation and this is groundbreaking for Derek to do this. At last, he’s made a move and this is it. Poor James, he’s waited and been hurt so much by Derek’s coldness in the past, but now it’s finally going to happen… or is it? Nothing goes to plan, but this is okay and keeps the tension up.

The come together moment (without spoiling it) is when Derek finds out about a mission James was sent on, that’s all I’m saying. It’s all very military and butch and I loved it. Derek practically turns into the Hulk. It’s that primal urge to get and protect your man that stands out here. Seeing Derek’s reaction with James at key points in the story hits you in the heart.

What held me the most, is the first half of the story and Derek’s reluctance to let his barriers down. All that military training and upbringing prevents him being with the person he wants. James has held a torch for him for years and can’t move on. It’s a sad story. Events in the second half come a little too soon for me and the balance of intensity, action and romance are replaced with sentimentality and romance only. I don’t mind this but, when the first half has been so strong…

We get to see familiar faces (most of the Skull Blasters) as they have witnessed the whole, will they? or won’t they? between Derek and James. They’re all sickly sweet and happily married (I’m so jealous lol). Mateo and Riley seem to be firm favourites of the author and were her first characters in book 1 ‘A Marked Man’. Josh is still my personal favourite.

If I was to focus on a negative, it would be that General Derek Jacobs goes too far the opposite way, becoming a love sick puppy for James. A little much for me, but others will like this, and it’s justifiable considering he’s held back for so long. Believe me when I say, it’s only a minor thing and I wasn’t disappointed at all.

Scenes at Derek’s parental home were heart warming. look out for Derek standing up for James, it makes you cheer inside. Also, look out for the boat in the lake scene and look out for Riley and James gossiping about Derek Jacobs because I think we have all done this.

Enjoy and please leave a comment.



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