Book Review ‘Russian Prey’ Part 1 (Assassin/Shifter Book 8) by Sandrine Gasq-Dion

Russian Prey

Review 1 of 2

Vince’s voice was like silk, wrapping around his nervous system, sliding down his spine and spreading out his toes and fingers.

If that quote doesn’t tell you how much I love the first act of this book, then nothing will.

I’ve just started to read book 8 of the Assassin/shifter series and it’s possibly my favourite beginning of all the author’s’ books so far. So much in fact, I had to write two reviews. As I wrote this I wasn’t even halfway through, but loved it so much I had to get my thoughts down.

It’s the story of lovely little agent Keegan and big deadly Russian killer Vince.

I was travelling with my Kindle on the train heading to a meeting in the city.  I think people were looking at me thinking “he must be reading a good book, he keeps smiling.”  I was indeed smiling like a kid. I had arrived at a scene where Vince Markov, standing in a nightclub finally, lays eyes on our boy Keegan Ripley. The way Vince describes this young man leaning on the bar… Wow! Even my heart skipped a beat. Then, you get Keegan giving him the cold shoulder in the sexiest of ways. They play cat and mouse like this for a while which is absolutely brilliant to read, my face just said it all.

The chemistry is incredible. It shows that you don’t need sex to get the pulse racing. I love it when Keegan is in his hotel dressing specifically for Vince who he pretends to not be interested in. Vince can’t give up because he is so captivated by Keegan and cute Keegan has a massive crush on Vince but can’t show it.

Keegan is so cute!!! He’s not only visually cute but the author has managed to write him cute too. He stutters and gets erections when nervous. Even the way the other guys from the series treat him is adorable. Look out for the pillars down the centre of the bed scene, you can visualise it so clearly and you can’t stop smiling. Subsequently, the moment Vince wakes up, it will make you melt. Am I just getting soft?

The story is also brutal, with bones being broken and throats cut, but the banter between the two lead characters becomes almost comedy, it’s childlike banter but from two grown men crazy about each other. It reminds me of the TV hit show Moonlighting from the late 1980’s with the characters Maddie and David quarrelling all the time, trying to score points when actually they are both crazy about each other.

“How old are you?” Vince narrowed his eyes.

“Thirty four.”

“You look twenty four.”

Keegan scowled. “You look sixty-four.”

On the return journey home on the train, I couldn’t wait to read the next part.  I also rang my mom telling her how much I was enjoying it. I can do that with my mom because she understands, she loves books too.

I laughed out loud at this line when Keegan gets angry at Vince.

“Stop looking at me like I’m a Happy Meal.”

Keegan’s trying so hard to be the tough man, but it doesn’t work and it makes Vince melt and want him even more. Love it, love it, love it!

The little mention about the coffee machine that Riley brought Keegan was also nice touch, because Riley Flynn gave everyone a coffee maker for Christmas and it’s been mentioned in other books featuring other characters in the series, great continuity.

One of the best parts (and I’ve hardly started, remember it’s only review 1) is the scene in the nightclub when Vince cuts in and dances with Keegan. He pulls Keegan to him with force, Keegan still giving him the brush off telling him he doesn’t find him attractive.

Your pulse is racing and your pupils are blown. So I ask again, why are you so nervous?

If I may also share with you my favourite line from the book so far, then it’s this. It’s when Keegan won’t let Vince examine and ‘snap back’ into place his broken fingers.

Vince leaned against the desk, crossing his arms. “I can knock you out.”

“Pfft…good luck with that…”

Vince caught Keegan before he fell out of the chair.

Absolutely priceless!

I am sooooooo loving this story so far, I’m just hoping it doesn’t ‘water down’ later and that the tension can be held throughout acts 2 and 3. I’ve been here before with Half Moon Rising (Book 4). Sawyer Quinton gave Troy Bishop the cold shoulder for a short period and he stood out as a different character.  This didn’t last and he lost his individuality by act 2. This story however, is far better, so fingers crossed.



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