Cuddles and Snuggles Part 3

I’m shocked…. Had a date! I was in a nightclub (yes miracle I know) and as I left, a guy grabbed me who I met  8 months previous. He had been trying to get in contact with me ever since. I like him so, I was pleased he agreed to meet me. He’s intelligent, stunning eyes and great conversation. Brought him lunch and he’s great company. Walked around town and it was great. We cuddled (yes only cuddled, I’m old fashioned a bit). He said he REALLY wanted to see me again and we made plans for the following week.

No texts from him 4 days later… I had initiated all texts and he replied at length which I liked, but he never sent me one, not even to just say hi. I called him, he was out with mates, I’ll call you tomorrow. He didn’t.  To cut along story short, he fancies me, but can’t do any romance at the moment as he’s too busy with work and social life. Can I be an occasional mate???

My answer… No!

Once again, I’m just a fit guy with a cock!



Cuddles and Snuggles Part 2

In a recent post I talked about a guy I snuggled with and how nice it was. He was attractive, sexy and he pushed my buttons. Not my usual type, he was only 28 and very attractive (great hair), but I was attracted to him big time. I rang him throughout the week (not to much) and then drove and picked him up at 2am from a nightclub (drunk, him not me) he looked so cute and sweet, I wanted to eat him up. Put him to bed and looked after him. Lets just say it hasn’t gone any further.

He seemed more interested in getting drunk every week, sleeping till 3pm and texting on his phone. Over a three week period he has not asked me, what I do for a living or asked me any questions about me or my life. Basically, I’m just a fit guy with a cock.

Note to self; ignore pretty boys who are high maintenance.

Please leave a comment below in comment box…. love to hear what you think about this.


Planning a book

30d531d8d61aab7db8a250fbda08db4dGot fed up last yesterday writing my normal stuff. But I’ve been thinking a lot, about the gay book I want to write.

Guess what? I actually planned out the whole book, all three acts! Main characters have names and pictures in my head. Just hoping it’s not all to complicated, simple is usually the best.

The title is Off The Grid, and it’s an interracial love story with men having powers, so I guess it falls into the supernatural genre. Getting really excited now.


“That’s where you’d be wrong, Sebastian. Wyatt is mine and he’s always been mine.”

09 - An Ignited Passion -

What you’ll get here (as usual) are my thoughts on the story, without revealing too much. If you’re like me, I sometimes don’t want to know the main points of a story.

The two main characters have appeared in the series a few times, but that’s okay, as you get enough recaps to bring you up to speed. This is the story of Wyatt Quinton and Preston Dalton. It’s been a long wait, as Wyatt, was seven and Preston, thirteen when they first met. Preston, has waited eleven years to be with a ‘grown up’ Wyatt. We are talking wolf mate bonding here, a biological lock that’s initiated between two werewolf shifters.

Overall, it’s a sweet story of waiting for the one you love. Preston, as a white wolf shielded the young Wyatt from a vicious enemy, and this is when the bond began. Since then, Wyatt, has searched for the white wolf, but his family deny the wolf existed. Wyatt, is a cute rascal and Preston, is a solid blonde hunk with his head screwed on.

I like how this story is set at a fire department and we also get a hint of the police service and future stories.

I love the moment Wyatt sees Preston for the first time, jumping out of a fire engine, it’s straight out of a Diet Coke advert.

“Wyatt’s heart stopped in his chest… A look passed between them and Wyatt felt the hairs on his arms and back of his neck stand up.”

I don’t want to say too much as it’s simply a nice story, that fits well into this world. A lot of us having been waiting a while for this romance.

Did I cry (lol) well, yes, one little bit. Not going to spoil it. All I’ll say is; Wyatt, the beach, white wolf. I think that was the night I stayed up till 2am reading.

If I had to mention what I didn’t like, then it would be Preston finding out that Wyatt is already dating a guy called Sebastian. This should have caused a lot more conflict than it did. Preston has kept himself for Wyatt all these years, but this is underplayed. Clashes of emotions and vilotile situations could have be brought in. Preston should have been in a far worse state, coming so near to his love. However, he seems generally pretty cool about it beyond a couple of altercations.

I can’t understand why Wyatt runs away for weeks. It always seems to be the author 3rd act solution. Split up the two lovers. I can understand Wyatt being angry, but once he thought it through surely he saw how amazing the situation was, Preston waiting so long and protecting him. These are smart socially intellectual guys, but this 3rd act split is out of character and is getting repetitive.

Sebastian’s character is not sufficiently developed and this is a continuous problem I have with this series. An antagonist can make or break a story. I understand that this is a romance, but a well developed bad guy gets you to identify with the protagonists at a deeper level.  The lovers stolen times together mean even more, because the danger and conflict is genuine.  Passion is intensified and the reader should feel this. Sebastian, had potential in the beginning, but there was no real threat or discomfort when he was around and in the end he just became wet.

These are minor things and certainly didn’t stop me enjoying the book. A good edition to the series.


Russian Prey

Review 2 of 2

The man whom he’d watched for years, listened to, pined over, was the one man he’d fallen in love with.

This is my favourite book of the series so far. It’s even beaten ‘A Marked Man’ book 1 (but I would need to go back and read it again to make sure).

As I sat in the pub Sunday morning writing this, I realised my favourite stories from this series have been the assassin storylines without the Werewolf shifters. I’m not saying I dislike the shifter stories; it was just an observation that surprised me.

So, here we go, part 2.

Loved it! I stayed up late just to finish it. If you are familiar with my reviews, then you’ll know, if I cry at some point, then I enjoyed it. Well, I did. There is a sound balance of drama, violence and romance, which kept the narrative moving along, while keeping it both masculine and sexy.

Sex scenes, I tend not to like much and I cringe a lot (see past reviews and send the psychologist round).  In truth, I really enjoyed reading the ones between Keegan and Vince! Oh, I can hear you all cheering (lol).  I know exactly why I loved theses scenes. It was the build up, the passion and the want of the two characters. These two, desire each other on a level beyond just sex and that’s a difficult thing to get over to a reader. Vince and Keegan psychologically and physically make love and you believe it.

In all his years, no one had ever made love to him, not like this.

About 58% through, look out for the five words Keegan speaks to Vince. Usually, they would appear overly sentimental. but, I didn’t feel this at all. With these words you realise Keegan has become vulnerable to the killer, Vincent Markov.

Those five words slammed into his chest.

There is a fair bit of testosterone and action flying around giving a James Bond/Godfather vibe that resonates throughout. I like these moments, they help with the pacing of the story.

The author has really stepped up here and has given those that are familiar with the series, something that is still familiar, but a little different.

You continue to adore Keegan and it’s beyond words. You care about him. A one point Vince wants to send Keegan away for safety and you as the reader understand and feel the same way. You simply want Keegan safe.

Vince realises he feels a ‘strange sensation’ in his gut when he sees Keegan and visa versa. They can’t understand why, initially. They both get emotionally involved; not believing the other feels the same. Their defences are up and this is why the banter is so electric, but not over the top.

Stand out scenes for me, are when you see, just how deadly and violent Vincent Markov can be. You actually fear for Keegan and want him to run, but there is conflict for the reader because you want him to stay. This kept Vince both sexy and unnerving.

As a man reading this, I wanted to protect Keegan. It was ridiculous how I felt. I could understand all of Vince’s emotions in the second half.

He wanted this man, and not just for one or two nights. He wanted Keegan always.

Secondary characters like Vince’s son Nikolai were intriguing, and stood out with their distinct personalities. It would have been nice, to see more of Keira Ripley, Keegan’s mother as she had a lot of ‘bite’.  Not so much Vince’s ex husband Andrei Panchenko, who was the least developed for me. What is going on with Andrei and Devin Lyons? They despise each other! They practically want to kill each other when they’re in the same room. I think, another story is being set up for these two, but here in Russian Prey, I couldn’t even visualise him. Not surprising, as Vince and Keegan quite rightly steal the show.

I can hear you all shouting “At what part did you get all tearful, you big sap Spencer?” Okay, I give in… It was Chapter 10 (but I did get a little emotional at other times. look out for Vince and Keegan at the hospital).  Chapter 10, car Keys. That’s all I’m saying.  Likewise, Vince in a tux. The older I get, the more crying I seem to do. But you know what? I don’t care.

I could read this story again, straight away, and that’s a first for me and should indicate that this is one book you need to read.

Cuddles and Snuggles

Been a strange couple of weeks. Ended up meeting someone that I actually enjoy lying next to. Sounds stupid but I usually feel a bit uncomfortable, but I didn’t. In fact, it’s me that did all the cuddling and wrapping of arms and legs. It was so nice, and he liked it too. Not sure if it will go anywhere as he lives a distance from me and there is an age difference. However, I really would like to spend a night lying next to him and I actually like him but not sure why just yet . I think my house mates were a little surprised too. I don’t really let people into my life so…… This is not like me!