“That’s where you’d be wrong, Sebastian. Wyatt is mine and he’s always been mine.”

09 - An Ignited Passion -

What you’ll get here (as usual) are my thoughts on the story, without revealing too much. If you’re like me, I sometimes don’t want to know the main points of a story.

The two main characters have appeared in the series a few times, but that’s okay, as you get enough recaps to bring you up to speed. This is the story of Wyatt Quinton and Preston Dalton. It’s been a long wait, as Wyatt, was seven and Preston, thirteen when they first met. Preston, has waited eleven years to be with a ‘grown up’ Wyatt. We are talking wolf mate bonding here, a biological lock that’s initiated between two werewolf shifters.

Overall, it’s a sweet story of waiting for the one you love. Preston, as a white wolf shielded the young Wyatt from a vicious enemy, and this is when the bond began. Since then, Wyatt, has searched for the white wolf, but his family deny the wolf existed. Wyatt, is a cute rascal and Preston, is a solid blonde hunk with his head screwed on.

I like how this story is set at a fire department and we also get a hint of the police service and future stories.

I love the moment Wyatt sees Preston for the first time, jumping out of a fire engine, it’s straight out of a Diet Coke advert.

“Wyatt’s heart stopped in his chest… A look passed between them and Wyatt felt the hairs on his arms and back of his neck stand up.”

I don’t want to say too much as it’s simply a nice story, that fits well into this world. A lot of us having been waiting a while for this romance.

Did I cry (lol) well, yes, one little bit. Not going to spoil it. All I’ll say is; Wyatt, the beach, white wolf. I think that was the night I stayed up till 2am reading.

If I had to mention what I didn’t like, then it would be Preston finding out that Wyatt is already dating a guy called Sebastian. This should have caused a lot more conflict than it did. Preston has kept himself for Wyatt all these years, but this is underplayed. Clashes of emotions and vilotile situations could have be brought in. Preston should have been in a far worse state, coming so near to his love. However, he seems generally pretty cool about it beyond a couple of altercations.

I can’t understand why Wyatt runs away for weeks. It always seems to be the author 3rd act solution. Split up the two lovers. I can understand Wyatt being angry, but once he thought it through surely he saw how amazing the situation was, Preston waiting so long and protecting him. These are smart socially intellectual guys, but this 3rd act split is out of character and is getting repetitive.

Sebastian’s character is not sufficiently developed and this is a continuous problem I have with this series. An antagonist can make or break a story. I understand that this is a romance, but a well developed bad guy gets you to identify with the protagonists at a deeper level.  The lovers stolen times together mean even more, because the danger and conflict is genuine.  Passion is intensified and the reader should feel this. Sebastian, had potential in the beginning, but there was no real threat or discomfort when he was around and in the end he just became wet.

These are minor things and certainly didn’t stop me enjoying the book. A good edition to the series.


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