Planning a book

30d531d8d61aab7db8a250fbda08db4dGot fed up last yesterday writing my normal stuff. But I’ve been thinking a lot, about the gay book I want to write.

Guess what? I actually planned out the whole book, all three acts! Main characters have names and pictures in my head. Just hoping it’s not all to complicated, simple is usually the best.

The title is Off The Grid, and it’s an interracial love story with men having powers, so I guess it falls into the supernatural genre. Getting really excited now.


2 thoughts on “Planning a book

  1. “it’s an interracial love story with men having powers” Sounds really good! (I especially appreciate stories with interracial couples; there needs to be more of that) Good luck with it! 🙂


    1. Thanks so much for your comments, Emma. I’m really happy you like the interracial aspect. I felt it hasn’t been addressed in ‘man on man’ novel’s very much.
      I love contrasts. For my second book (If I Lose Control) I’m thinking the same way with contrasts. The two protagonists are visually opposite. Thanks again, Emma.


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