Cuddles and Snuggles Part 2

In a recent post I talked about a guy I snuggled with and how nice it was. He was attractive, sexy and he pushed my buttons. Not my usual type, he was only 28 and very attractive (great hair), but I was attracted to him big time. I rang him throughout the week (not to much) and then drove and picked him up at 2am from a nightclub (drunk, him not me) he looked so cute and sweet, I wanted to eat him up. Put him to bed and looked after him. Lets just say it hasn’t gone any further.

He seemed more interested in getting drunk every week, sleeping till 3pm and texting on his phone. Over a three week period he has not asked me, what I do for a living or asked me any questions about me or my life. Basically, I’m just a fit guy with a cock.

Note to self; ignore pretty boys who are high maintenance.

Please leave a comment below in comment box…. love to hear what you think about this.



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