Cuddles and Snuggles Part 3

I’m shocked…. Had a date! I was in a nightclub (yes miracle I know) and as I left, a guy grabbed me who I met  8 months previous. He had been trying to get in contact with me ever since. I like him so, I was pleased he agreed to meet me. He’s intelligent, stunning eyes and great conversation. Brought him lunch and he’s great company. Walked around town and it was great. We cuddled (yes only cuddled, I’m old fashioned a bit). He said he REALLY wanted to see me again and we made plans for the following week.

No texts from him 4 days later… I had initiated all texts and he replied at length which I liked, but he never sent me one, not even to just say hi. I called him, he was out with mates, I’ll call you tomorrow. He didn’t.  To cut along story short, he fancies me, but can’t do any romance at the moment as he’s too busy with work and social life. Can I be an occasional mate???

My answer… No!

Once again, I’m just a fit guy with a cock!



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