Book Review ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ Gwen Hayes

27511088Simply a great Christmas short story. Totally all about the two characters, Simon and Adam. It’s a will they or won’t they story. No antagonist, just Simon’s fear of intimacy and allowing himself to love again.

Although you see the view point from both guys, Adam’s the character we probably identify with the most. Whereas, Simon is our dream guy (lol) handsome, rugged, masculine, and unemotional. He is the most interesting and I enjoyed his internal conflict.

Many times as I read I was saying to myself “go on Simon, say something to him” or “Simon, just touch his hand.”

The only negative for me was, that despite being snowbound, I would have been terrified, taken to a log cabin in the woods by a bearded lumberjack with emotional issues who doesn’t communicate  well. Maybe I’ve watched too many nasty TV series and films.

Simply a sweet story for Christmas.



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