Book Review ‘Seven Psychics’ Book 1 by J.C Diem

Seven Psychics BK1What a great surprise this book was! It’s my first none ‘man on man’ book in a while. The summary appealed to me so, I downloaded a sample, loved it, and downloaded the full version.

I thought this was really well done.  I would however, argue that it’s not a romance. Looking at the cover you get the impression it’s a story about a girl who falls for a tough young military style guy, when in fact, this is the B story.  The main story is Lexi’s journey, from a girl to a woman. This surprised me, as I expected the bulk of the story to be the traditional romance and the missions to destroy ‘seven psychics’ to be what held the romantic story together. In reality, it’s the opposite, and it was terrific to see.

It’s a classic hero’s journey. You see Lexi change throughout the story, I’m not talking about physical changes. I mean, she grows as a character and she isn’t the same girl you meet at the beginning. That’s what all good stories should have. What’s even more incredible to me is that I loved this character. Usually, teenage girls appear annoying, weak and cringy, but Lexi is well developed and interesting from the beginning, she’s the reason you keep reading this story. I knew who she was and was invested in her fairly quickly. That’s rare for me to find, and the author has done a great job of writing this character.

It’s a comfortable read with a small cast of characters, which I prefer because you can picture them and get to know them well. The antagonists are varied enough to keep the interest going but not so engaging as to pull you from the main cast. Sex scenes are handled nicely considering the young age of the characters and I appreciated this.

I’m surprised it took Lexi so long to catch on (trying not to spoil it too much). A point to mention is that, this is solely Lexi’s journey, seen from first person perspective. The love interest, Reece Garrett, is not as developed and remains primarily a background character. I hoping he will become as interesting as Lexi in the sequels.

I will definitely be reading the series.



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