BOOK REVIEW ‘Reflash’ (ASSASSIN/SHIFTER BOOK 10) By Sandrine Gasq-Dion


REflash“I want you in so many ways it scares me.”  

Reflash is the the 10th book in the Assassin/Shifter book series.

I’ll get straight into it by saying, it wasn’t my favourite of the series. For me, it suffered from the same problems as ‘Best Laid Plans‘ (book 5) which was having two sets of couples developing their relationships at the same time.

Cops Tucker Storm and Wesley Foster find out that their ‘mates’ are firefighters, Austin Jacobson and Kurt Maguire who happen to be straight hetrosexual men.

The whole double dating, falling in love just doesn’t work for me. As I argued in book 5 it simple dilutes both the story and the characters. Then there’s the issue of how easily two hetrosexual men fall in love and have sex with gay men Tucker and Wesley. Don’t get me started on how casually they want to be turned into Werewolves by their lovers and how easily this is achieved.

I constantly had to think which character was with who and what that character looked like and ‘is he the firefighter or the cop?  It’s not enjoyable to have a love/sex scene with one couple, only to have it repeated with the other couple.  It got frustrating and monotonous.

Themes such as, should I give up a human life to be with my mate? and an individual’s sexuality could have really been explored with some depth and emotion. This simply wasn’t done. The whole thing felt rushed.

“Austin looked up at the sky; he was dating a gay werewolf . The thought had him chuckling.” 

I know this series that I love is not to be taken too seriously (come on Werewolves!)  but even the reactions of characters and situations is totally off key. I’m sure after a bear attack and two giant wolves showing up outside your tent you wouldn’t casually shrug it off and go back to a lovely sleep in your ripped tent, yet this is what happened.

So, what did I like. I liked Kurt’s little brother Kory. He was a nice addition and I found myself looking forward to the scenes he was featured in. His interactions were cute and cheeky and with his own little storyline developing, I was intrigued. I also love how Werewolves get really angry and possessive quickly, there is something really hot about this.

“I love meat…” Oh shit, shit, shit! “I mean I like steak.”

The religious anti gay parents is something new in the series, and it definitely got you angry enough to support the main protagonists.

I just hope this is the last of ‘two mates dating two mates’ type stories because for me, it really is double trouble.





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