End of an era (Part 4)

It’s been a few days now since I moved and it’s both strange and normal at the same time. I’m trying to get into a new routine quickly so that I don’t fall into bad habits. Been applying for jobs which seems to take ages theses days and went and made an appointment at the local gym as I’ve moved away from my usual one. I already miss my gym and the guys there.

Was asked about romance the other day and I almost bit their head off (lol). They said that as I’m in a new town, romance could be around the corner! The last thing in my mind at the moment is romance unless it’s in a book (stayed up till 1am last night reading).

Some might say a romance is exactly what I need, or at least to go out and meet new people. Anyway, going to go out on the bike and venture forward tomorrow morning. Hopefully my skipping rope will also get delivered as I now have outdoor space for training so, I have no excuse.



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