BOOK REVIEW ‘Irish Wishes’ (ASSASSIN/SHIFTER BOOK 12) By Sandrine Gasq-Dion

“Everything he’d ever fantasized about was finally coming true; he had a man who wanted him.”

12 - Irish Wishes - Cover

As usual, I won’t give a synopsis of the story as you can read that elsewhere. This is my opinion and review of the story.

In terms of the Assassin/Shifter series, this is a sound addition, and you get what you come to expect in this one. I like the contrast of Wayne being older and looking like Bradley Cooper and Connor being a delicate beautiful smooth young man.

We’ve known the two leads in the story for a good while; Wayne, head of the Werewolves (the most powerful) and the Irish angelic blonde, Connor. Previous books have revealed the obstacles preventing Wayne from taking Connor as his mate and this story addresses those issues. Connor is gay and in love with Wayne who’s  been straight all his life. Wayne can’t get used to wanting a man let alone Connor so, he pushes him away. It’s Wayne’s way of dealing with it. The hurt Connor feels at being rejected in this way is what you feel the most when reading this story. If it wasn’t for the powerful wolf mating bond, no man would have stuck around waiting for Wayne.

“Connor was looking down on him, lips parted open, breathing hard. He was so damn beautiful.”

The last half of the story is set in Ireland, which is a nice change and I enjoyed visualising the Irish pub and local cottages as well as hearing Connors accent.

My favourite parts were the scenes with Connor  up in the attic researching Wayne’s Werewolf family history. It’s just a nice setting. It would make a great TV set with Connor bathed in moonlight from the window surrounded by dusty old books.

Wayne and Connor’s first sex scene was probably one of my favourite so far. I can’t say why, it just worked for me and Connor can be one greedy little blonde (I didn’t see that coming).

Up till now, the series has been about assassins and werewolves. However, this story introduces new elements. Rogue werewolves, witches and realms. I’m not sure how I feel about this yet. I can understand that after 11 books you need to step things up a bit, so I’ll wait and see how it all plays out. I didn’t expect witches, so it was a surprise. The author is setting up a big storyline for future books, but I won’t spoil it for you.

The biggest negative by far, was too many characters towards the end. It was uncomfortably confusing and I’ve read all 11 books in a short period of time and I was disorientated. It definitely affected the pleasure of reading. You just can’t visualise so many hot men (not in that way!!!) who they are, what they look like and what they are talking about. This was a huge problem for me. Then you had, what you thought are three characters talking in a setting, then another character e.g. Troy, would make a comment and I didn’t even know he was in that setting or even in that country! Not only did nearly every character appear here but new packs were shown too and this just made it worse.

“When something happens to you, it will kill him. I want him to see it; I want him to know it’s me hurting him.”

We get a villain with a motive which was planned out. Although they were more ‘talk’ than bite when it came down to things. After all the posturing and threats they were taken out a little too easy and I was waiting for the surprise of ‘that was too easy something else deadly must be about to happen’ but it didn’t, so a bit of an anticlimax.

The whole Wayne’s parent ‘Ghost’ thing….. It didn’t work for me and it was again confusing and not clear. It just got messy.

You get towards the end a small clip of the continued violent hatred between Andei Panchenko and Devin Lyons which will be dealt with in book 16. It’s the one storyline I am hugely looking forward to.

In conclusion, the love story is nothing new, but you get a feeling things are going to change. Wayne’s story reveals a lot about werewolves in this world and you are introduced to new elements in the form of rogues, witches and ghost like spirits. Past characters seem to be getting resolution in the form of children. I had hoped this could have been achieved the normal way, but alas no, it involves female werewolves. I would have kept it simple and straightforward with the couple e.g. Riley and Mateo, choosing a surrogate, as we gay guys would have to do.

Still addictive reads & I love them.




BOOK REVIEW ‘The Red Zone’ (ASSASSIN/SHIFTER BOOK 11) By Sandrine Gasq-Dion

The Red ZoneAs an Assassin/shifter book goes, this story is more an assassin than the werewolf shifter story to me. It’s more realistic with just a hint of werewolf. It’s a detective story with detective Nicholas Stevens investigating a series of accidents involving gay football players. It’s during this investigation that he meets his soul mate Sebastian Price, who seems to be the target of the homophobic attacks.  Nicholas is a werewolf which means now that he’s found his mate, he will protect him above anything else.

It’s a great story and I really enjoyed it. I liked the whole police routine and Nicholas’s police partner Casey, was a great character to pair him up with. I love the banter between them and at times it did feel like I was watching a TV series.

We’ve met Sebastian before as Wyatt Quinton’s ex from ‘An ignited Passion’ book 9. He was a bit of a bad boy then, but has matured quite a bit and you’re given an explanation for this in the story. I always had an image of a young Chris Evan playing Sebastian, so it was so easy to see him throughout this story.

Sebastian hates the police and although this is used, it’s not used enough as a dramatic device. It’s mostly used in a humorous or throw away manner and the author missed out on something here. More sexual conflict could have been achieved through Sebastian’s hatred of the police.

Moments I enjoyed are when Sebastian tries to act all confident, not letting the obvious threats to his life bother him, but as soon as something scares him, he turns to the detective who wants to protect him so badly. It’s so reminiscent of what I see with younger guys and this played out well.

One simple scene just illustrated how you’ll do anything to protect the one you love.

“Sebastian!” Nick ran for the jeep. He pulled the door right off its hinges.

We don’t get to see the strength of the werewolf guys in this series much, but here, Nick is so panic stricken he rips the door off the car without considering who could be watching. I just love that passion.

It a simple story but full of ‘Who is behind all this?’ as well as Nick trying to win over the love of young Sebastian.

Once again it’s a shame that individuals like Sebastian seemed to lose their uniqueness as soon as they fell in love.  They quickly become clones of other characters from past stories.

The contentment characters find when they fall in love and wake up next to each other is never tiring to me, and I always feel warm and snugly.

With the morning rays, came a new kind of feeling for Nick. Peace. The soft sound of Sebastian’s breathing filled his ears and warm breath tickled his neck.

I really liked this story, I prefer ones like this. It was nice to see Sebastian develop an extra gift that will have repercussions for future stories, but I’ll let you discover what that is for yourself.