BOOK REVIEW ‘Betrayed’ (ASSASSIN/SHIFTER BOOK 14) By Sandrine Gasq-Dion

17202234The story of Chance and Logan is not one of my favorites and the reasons seem to be similar to the last few books in the series. Too many characters that dilute the main story and reduce any emotional believably of the two protagonists.

It’s like having a beautiful woman but she’s wearing an overly busy dress with too much jewelry. You’re so busy looking at all the jewelry and ruffles and patterns, you don’t see the beautiful woman. This is how I describe this book. Great plot, actually one of the best! However, so much unnecessary side stories, back histories and characters that you zone out.

I understand it’s necessary to sow seeds for future book, but this is getting convoluted. I have been reading them one after another and I’m still confused about who is who and with whom. I believe on the first page; five characters are thrown at you. Should I know them? I recognise some of the names but this isn’t TV so I haven’t got a face to go with the names. I don’t remember them because they’ve been introduced to fast previously.

I’m not a fan of magic being brought into the current stories. The tone of the book was similar to watching a teen soap opera or an episode of Buffy.

The plot itself is actually one of the best. Chance’s journey of discovery, both of his powers and, after his boyfriend’s death. Chance learning he likes Logan but thinks Logan doesn’t like him and Logan thinking the same. Then, you get the spanner in the works, not only does Chance’s boyfriend turn up alive, but Logan already knows it and has kept it from Chance. This is really good! It’s such a strong plot with a lot of dramatic potential.

What really got me mad is when multiple characters stories came in and went into detail.  All of this could have been achieved without pages of exposition.  Less is more. Chance and Logan’s story gets pushed aside at times by other characters and their romantic stories being loaded onto you. It’s what’s known as Cognitive Overload and it feels messy with so many side stories.

My pet hate is when a character speaks in a scene and you never knew they were in that scene. I question my reading, but it’s happening multiple time now.

Chance isn’t a character I could identify with. I kept waiting for the tantrum and the overreaction. He was like one of those annoying teenagers in a horror movie who does the thing you wouldn’t do in real life and you scream at the TV.  If you’d swapped Chance with a 14 year old girl, the scenes would have been the same. I like real life responses and actions, even in a werewolf/magic story, more so in fact, it’s needed to ground the reader in some normality.

Nikoli Markov stands out once again, and although I’m way behind in the series and his story has been told (Book 17), I hope the story is kept between just him, Colin and his attempt to win him over.


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