Book Review ‘Fast and Furious’ by Trista Ann Michaels

13629186“The three of them could at least give her one night before the darkness enveloped her world again.”

Not sure what’s coming over me wanting to read a straight romantic suspense thriller. But, I was interested in the whole fast cars, hot chick, hot guy’s theme. It was basically research. I ended up enjoying it more than I thought.

I wouldn’t call it romantic at all, it was sex, total erotic sex and it worked! It reads like a TV episode with fast scenes that throw the reader into the world very quickly. I loved the whole undercover cop in to deep too get out story and then having three Navy Seals sent in to help. I loved the story and how Allie struggles with the possibility that she’s next to get a bullet in her head.

Chase, Logan and Blaine are great characters, all clearly different. Their friendship is addictive and real. The cast is kept simple and you had time to get to know them. Same with Allie, the only female in the book. I didn’t know what to expect with the sex scenes because I usually don’t care for them and prefer romance, However, I would be lying if I said this book didn’t get me going a bit. It’s the most erotic book I’ve read so far.

Allie’s basically a proud slut and she admits it! but as a reader you love her. (I had an image of Megan Fox in my head). Her predicament only adds to the tension, then she lusts for the three hot as hell Navy Seals and….. well, I didn’t expect all three taking her at once in quite so much detail. With the threat of death you may as well live your sexual dreams right?

“What you need right now is a good night’s sleep.”

“what I need is a fuck,” she growled.

I loved the characters, the basic story and the relationships. Sex was really hot. The only criticism was that the story built up and then fizzled out without a real confrontation. There is no antagonist, it’s more the treat hanging over Allie. So, it was a bit of an anticlimax.  I would have changed the ending, with Allie showing us a strong police officer.



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