Maybe I should listen to me.

Love doesn’t seem to be featuring  in any aspect of my life at the moment. Due to work I’m reading more thriller & paranormal literature, so the romance books have taken a back seat for now.  Even films I’m watching are all action.

Is it wrong that I’m increasingly feeling the odd one out at social events? Couples I know are planning holidays together & if I’m honest, it hurts sometimes. Ignore it let it happen, just get on with life. I understand this & for 98% of the time I can, but that 2% creeps in & I feel sad asking myself, why am I not with anyone? Whats wrong with me?  I go to sleep then wake up in the morning & I’m fine again.

If I was hearing this from someone, my advice would be; sort out other areas in your life & start loving yourself. Maybe I should listen to me.


Comic Characters & Romance

Marvel, DC, SONY, 20th Century Fox? Who will the first to portray gay romance in the cinematic universe? We’ve had three gay women on Netflix’s AKA Jessica Jones, so I wonder if the movies will ever have a gay character. Not that they need to. I don’t want it to be an issue. However, a subtle nod would be nice. Possible characters are; Midnighter, Iceman, Northstar, Hulkling, Batwoman, Wiccan, Moondragon, Icemaiden, Living lightening, Shatterstar & Rictor.