BOOK REVIEW ‘Summer of Awakenings ’ (ASSASSIN/SHIFTER BOOK 15) By Sandrine Gasq-Dion

Here we go… 15. Once again we have a double romance which in this series has never gone down particularly well with me.  I find that I favour one couple’s story over the other or the two stories are too similar and simply repetitive.

This is the romance of Kory Maguire and Jacob Steele, Will Cooper and Seth Ralston & it all takes place at Camp Pride which is an outreach centre for abused & neglected young people. It’s like summer camp!

I enjoyed this story because I imagined the camp as a place here in the UK called Croyde Bay. Picturing Croyde Bay helped me get the feel of this story.

Seth and Will ended up becoming my favourite couple. In my head, Seth is Henry Cavill, so it was very easy to picture him from that point.

I don’t have much to say this time. It was a good addition to the series and tied up the story of Kory and Jacob which started a few books ago. Old characters appeared to help prepare the camp which is always great to see. Colin Greystone and Nikolai Markov’s ongoing strange relationship takes a step forward during a disaster in the final act of the book and is clearly setting up events in book 17.

I enjoyed this one as it had that great summer feel.


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