Arrow season 5 Gay character Mr Terrific


I’m currently watching season 5 of DC’s Arrow & yet again I’m asking, why is it that the gay character Curtis Holt (Mr Terrific) is the guy who not only gets beaten  & is useless in a fight, but is the one who’s given the speech about how his strength is in technology & helping defeat the bad guys means staying behind & using his head. Why is it rarely the other way round? I would have written it that Rene Ramirez (Wild Dog) was the gay character.

We get a strong tough gay woman in Supergirl, Alex Danvers so when do we get a kickass, no mess gay male? It’s just a little thing & the story is the important element, but I so want a gay role model more tough that tech.


‘LOOKING’ HBO’s TV series

FOR TV – LOOKING - HBO -- LOOKING: Murray Bartlett, Jonathan Groff, Frankie J. Alvarez. photo: John P. Johnson

Just finished binge watching Michael Lannan‘s TV series LOOKING on HBO.  Absolutely loved it! It’s two series & one TV movie to tie everything up. All I can say is I didn’t want it to end. I’m still stunned about how easily I became emotionally invested in the characters.


I loved the story arc of Patrick (Jonathan Groff) & Richie (Raúl Castillo). I won’t say too much in case you haven’t seen it.

I was disappointed (that’s putting it mildly) with Russell T Davies ‘CUCUMBER’ (He who created the fantastic QUEER AS FOLK). So, I was very happy at last, to see LOOKING work for me on all levels.

Is it a good idea that it didn’t go on further? We all want more, but perhaps leaving it on top, with the story concluded is simply the best way. I felt the American QUEER AS FOLK was dragged out far too much.

I was dreading that final shot when I knew the camera would pull back. It feels like I’ve lost a group of friends.

If you haven’t seen it yet, definitely give it a binge.

Man Crush!

I may have given up on the idea of me finding romance but I didn’t expect to get a crush! I honestly didn’t know you could get a ‘crush’ after a certain age but that’s stupid when you think about it.

I’m working on a building site & although I’m on a separate job to a lot of the builders, it hasn’t stopped me developing a full on crush on the foreman. We call him Leon as he drives a SEAT Leon. The man has the eyes that pin you (eagle like) to the spot. He isn’t a stunner at all, it’s just his presence and size. He rarely smiles and just gives off masculinity. With thighs as big as my waist I literally go weak when he passes. He winked at me once and I almost fell off the scaffolding.

I wish we all had this kind of feeling more often throughout life. It has shown me that I still do have some feelings in my body…. somewhere lol.

Put love in a box


Yes that’s rigdownloadht. I’ve put love in a box. Or rather I’ve put the idea of romance & the notion of ever meeting someone in a box. It’s not a bad decision, honest! I’ve got a lot of things I need to sort out. My life is at a tipping point & the thought of romance & dating… well, it has no place at the moment. And you know what? It’s the best thing I’ve done. It feels good just letting go.


Texting Richard

Been talking & texting Richard all last week. I drove over to spend a few hours with him Friday night. We ate and cuddled up together on the sofa watching box sets.

How do I feel? Well, I was worried that it was just the Gay Pride euphoria that was making me all gooey over Richard. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. I really want to know more & dive in, but that’s not a good move. I just need to take it slow & not get my hopes up. I don’t know too much & for some reason I’m impatient when it comes to him.

Deep breath, Spencer.

Bank Holiday Kissing

Had a great time at the West Midlands Gay Pride weekend here in the UK. Sun was out and we drank & danced. I met a lovely guy there called Richard & practically fought for him…& won. We stood together for the rest of the night & then as a group we all went for a Chinese. I felt quite protective of him (lol) The drink made me very confident.

Next morning I drove over to take Richard out for breakfast. We walked in the park & I kissed him under a tree next to the stream…..Wow!

Thanks what I call a bank holiday weekend.


Maybe I should listen to me.

Love doesn’t seem to be featuring  in any aspect of my life at the moment. Due to work I’m reading more thriller & paranormal literature, so the romance books have taken a back seat for now.  Even films I’m watching are all action.

Is it wrong that I’m increasingly feeling the odd one out at social events? Couples I know are planning holidays together & if I’m honest, it hurts sometimes. Ignore it let it happen, just get on with life. I understand this & for 98% of the time I can, but that 2% creeps in & I feel sad asking myself, why am I not with anyone? Whats wrong with me?  I go to sleep then wake up in the morning & I’m fine again.

If I was hearing this from someone, my advice would be; sort out other areas in your life & start loving yourself. Maybe I should listen to me.